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LIGHTS, CAMERA, SLAUGHTER: PROLOGUE: Witness the Last Moments of an Officer in this Horror Game

Lights, Camera, Slaughter is a first-person survival horror indie game produced by Disrate Studios and with a demo version, titled "Prologue", published on August 3 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In this prologue, we witness the last moments of 911 Operator and Officer M. Andrews, after receiving a call directly from Miller & Son Slaughterhouse on Masten Lake. Andrews investigates the place, not knowing that he will soon fall victim to someone in the shadows of the abandoned building.

Right away we see that the game has a very 90s aesthetic, with a filter that simulates the effects of a VHS tape, as well as graphics and polygons that are very reminiscent of PS1 games, and no wonder, the game was conceived as a love letter to this one was 32 bits. Here in this demo you just interact with certain objects and explore the place. If there is a downside here, it would be the fact that there are bugs at certain times: sometimes problems in the dialog end up preventing you from picking up an object, for example. Other times, you can't interact with the phone even though you're staring at it, and sometimes, you might end up crashing at a specific point because of a bug related to the text box.

Despite these gross bugs, the game presents a very interesting and nostalgic experience. So far, Lights, Camera, Slaughter is in the development stage, slated to be released this year's Halloween. The prologue is very short and can take about half an hour or less to finish. You can check the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here. Take the opportunity to download "Prologue" or save the game to your Wishlist on Steam to be notified of the launch at the links below:

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