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LIVE ADVENTURE: Explore an Exotic Forest in Search of Your Parents in this Stunning 2nd Person Game

Live Adventure is an indie adventure game with puzzle elements that is being produced by Vincent TRINEL, Samitalien and KeldaWind and which, on December 15th of this year, had its demo version published. In Live Adventure you control Lence and Reel, two adventurous brothers, in search of clues that will lead to the whereabouts and, with luck, to the rescue of their parents, Mov and Media, also adventurers, in an exotic and colorful environment, full of ruins.

Live Adventure would be a simple and fun adventure game if not for one element that makes it special: its gameplay adopts a style they call "second person". You control both Lence, who carries a camera called Steve, and Reel, while taking on first-person and third-person styles respectively. The synchrony between the two is essential to proceed in the game, especially in puzzles. At times you need to control Reel to jump onto platforms and use the grappler to both swing on hooks and bring your brother, as your only skills are photography mode and the ability to move pieces of ruins to create paths.

In graphical aspects, Live Adventure is spectacular, you have a huge inhospitable, exotic and colorful world, very well done and worth using the photography mode. The soundtrack is excellent and captures the atmosphere of an epic adventure provided by the game.

Without a doubt, Live Adventure is a game that presents a different gameplay style and a huge potential, and can be considered one of the best indies adventure games in my opinion. You can check the gameplay of the game and, if interested, download the demo by clicking on the links below.


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