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LONESOME: Investigate the Causes of Abnormalities in a Devastated City in this Western RPG

Lonesome is an indie RPG and adventure game produced by Golden Axe Games and published on February 20th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control a gunman who joins a group of people who try to discover the truth about a strange event in the city of Corpsecreak, Nevada. On a cold night, the city was subjected to a shower of flaming stones and a bright green light, making the air of that place unbearable and killing many suffocated. The next day, those who died went back to walking on earth, but they were no longer human, they were something more...

Right away, we see that the game has an isometric camera system, that is, seen from above but from a certain angle, common in RPGs like Diablo and Shadowrun Returns. The graphics are very beautiful and the most interesting: the scenario is composed of several blocks, which are assembled as the character reaches a certain end. The gameplay is very simple, in which you only use the WASD keys and the Mouse to interact with objects or use the pistol. The game allows for fun exploration, as there are items hidden by the scenery, which makes the replay factor really cool.

The game is in the development phase, and even has a page on Kickstarter, which will open on a specific day. Check out the demo gameplay on this link here and download the game from the link below. Take the time to check out Lonesome's Kickstarter page when it opens:

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