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LORDS OF EXILE: an 8-bit platform action game inspired by classics like Castlevania

Lords of Exile is an 8-bit side scrolling action platformer game developed by Squidbit Works that takes place in the distant Lands of Exilia where a black knight makes his own way for revenge. The game is inspired by games from the castlevania franchise with linear gameplay and retro mechanics.

The demo build has only two stages that go well with the game's atmosphere. In Lords of Exile you will be able to face enemies with a sword and secondary weapons while facing enemies of different natures in well-made and detailed scenarios. All of this combined with good game music with names like Dominic Ninmark (Blazing Chrome), Pentadrangle (Cyber ​​Shadow) and also Yuzo Koshiro (The Revenge Of Shibobi, Streets of Rage).

The project is open on the kickstarter and you can still support it financially with a release for PC and also Nintendo Switch.


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