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LUNACID: Explore a Decaying Underground World in this Dark Fantasy Game

Lunacid is an indie Dungeon Crawler action role-playing game that was produced by KIRA LLC (a.k.a. Akuma Kira) and was published as Early Access on the Steam platform on March 15th of this year. Lunacid takes place in a Dark Fantasy world and tells the story of how that world became after the emergence of a great sea beast. This beast covered the entire land with a poisonous mist. Long after that, those who were infected by it are considered undesirable and, because of that, they are thrown into a gigantic pit. You are one of those people, who have been guilty of crimes that are not yet known what, and you seek to escape from this pit. And the only way is to go deeper and deeper into this subterranean world and face an ancient entity that sleeps there.

Akuma Kira is a well-known personality in the indie scene, more precisely because of his association with the DreadXP horror community, and having produced some very interesting games, such as Lost in Vivo and the recent Uktena 64, featured in the fourth collection of community. Lunacid was in a way well awaited by fans of this community and those who enjoy this new-PSX vibe that has been going around lately, even more so after knowing that Robert Belgrade, who lent his voice to none other than Alucard, in the American version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, would make a cameo as the narrator of the entire story that involves the world of Lunacid. In terms of graphics, there's nothing to comment: it's the pure aesthetics of a PSX game being well produced by Kira. You have a fantastic world, full of creatures and mysteries to unravel. It is worth remembering that this style of gameplay was completely inspired by From Software's older works, among them the closest: King's Field, from PSX.

The gameplay is very similar to King's Field, with a style similar to an Action RPG. You have an inventory menu, where you equip your weapons, accessories, magic and items, you use weak and strong attacks as you wish, and defend whenever you want. In addition, all the locations are interconnected on a huge map, and each of them has a glowing pink crystal, which serves to upgrade your stats, transport yourself from one place to another and, of course, save your progress.

Undoubtedly it is an excellent game, very well produced and with a simple, but functional and fun gameplay. You can check out the nearly forty-minute gameplay of the game on our channel. If you are interested in playing it, you can purchase Lunacid on the Steam page. The respective links can be accessed below.


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