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MACHINE DREAM: Use Your Magnetic Powers to Escape from a World of Darkness in this Platform Game

Machine Dream is an indie puzzle and platform game produced by pipotchi and with a development version published on February 21st this year, on the platform "". In Machine Dream you control a little magnet robot that is in an environment of darkness, where giant robots are on the prowl. To escape, you will need to use your magnetism power to overcome obstacles.

The game has a pixelated look, which gives a certain charm to both the scenery and the little robot. As this is a puzzle game, the level of challenges is pretty fair; you use the power of magnetism to attract and repel, generating speed in jumps or triggering devices. Perhaps the only downside here is the lack of customization for the controls. By default the commands are found in the arrow keys for movement, the spacebar for jump and the Z key for magnetic power, and this can cause a certain inconvenience for those who are used to the WASD style of many current games.

Machine Dream was produced in about 7 days for Brackeys Game Jam. The game is still in development and has enormous potential for much more. You can check the gameplay of the game on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download it from the game page below:

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