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MACHINE GUN FURY: Grab Your Weapons and Stop Madam-G from Taking Over the World in this Action Game

Machine Gun Fury is a third-person shooter action arcade game that is being produced by Reset Games Limited and is still in development stage. A demo version of the game, containing only a single level, was published on December 6th of this year, on the indie gaming platform The game does not present (for now) a defined plot: here you control one of three mercenaries, with a simple mission: to destroy whatever comes your way and stop Madam-G, the leader of a terrorist army, from starting his plan for world domination.

Machine Gun Fury has many inspirations from classics of the genre, such as Commando, Ikari Warriors, Green Beret, Mercs, among others. The look is very reminiscent of games from the 8 and 16-bit eras, in addition to switching between two styles, one in top-down view and the other in side view, typical of action and platform games of that time. The gameplay is also simple, and it matches the game's proposal.

Without a doubt, the game is promising, as well as presenting a great level of challenge. It remains to wait for the next news about this project. In the meantime, check out the Machine Gun Fury gameplay and download the demo by clicking the links below.


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