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MALEFICIUM: A Stunning 17th Century Horror Tale Full of Mysteries And Macabre Creatures.

Real Stories From The Grave: Maleficium is a horror game developed by Deadbyte where you play as Liberty, the daughter of a traditional 17th century peasant family, who has recurring nightmares and experiences strange events around her house. And now, with the help of your dog Rascal, you must discover the mysteries of the place and survive.

The game has visuals inspired by games from the 32-bit era, but with the aspect ratio and gameplay of more current games, with very dramatic and mysterious cutscenes and a more walking simulator gameplay with some puzzle moments where you need to find out which routes to take inside. of a cave and how to press two buttons at the same time.

The game has striking compositions and an interesting and attractive setting for the player. The first part of the demo build shows a kind of burning village where you walk towards a church and it has striking colors, which impress those who understand the aesthetic proposal of the game.

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