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MARINETTE: Get Out Alive from a Surreal World, full of Living Dolls in this Horror Game

Marinette is an indie horror adventure game being produced by TealCrown and which published a demo version on December 23rd, 2018, updated on November 18th of this year, on the indie gaming platform In Marinette, you control... Marinette, a 10-year-old girl who lives in a family strain: despite the loss of her father, an audience-acclaimed musician, and an apparent constant feud between her mother and sister Marion, with this latter apparently feciding to live alone, Marinette is looking forward to her eleventh birthday. However, the night before her birthday, she is transported to a strange realm filled with living dolls in a dollhouse. Now she has to find a way to escape this world, where not everything is what it seems.

Marinette is one of those games that already appeal to the visuals. The visuals of the characters and locations are excellent. Each has a look that enhances its personality. The soundtrack is well produced and easily fits the mood proposed by the game. It seeks to use the horror elements but instead of using jumpscares to startle the player, the game appeals to emotions, feelings, the construction of horror as a whole to cause discomfort to the player.

Without a doubt, Marinette is a game that in my opinion promises, it has a simple gameplay, charismatic characters and a well constructed plot. The game has great potential and it would be great to see this game completed in the future. You can check out Marinette's gameplay and, if interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.



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