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MAROSCURO: Rescue as Many People as Possible While Searching for Your Missing Loved One

Maroscuro is a short indie action horror game that was produced by Maldo19, for DreadXP: Dredge the Depths Jam, held that year, and published on December 23rd, on the platform. The story of Maroscuro goes like this: Several strange accidents are happening near a coast, and the coast guard works tirelessly to rescue people adrift. A couple is responsible for the post on this coast and, one day, after receiving a distress call, one of them goes to rescue the survivors. But something happens, and he disappears. Now you continue the rescue mission while looking for your loved one.

The game features a pixelated retro 2D look, with top-down camera, as well as many action arcade or shoot'em up games. The commands are quite simple, you can use the WASD or arrow keys to move the boat, and Z to confirm. The game has 3 endings and, I believe, two endings can be achieved by managing to survive what I call "red moments", which are the two moments where everything turns red and a huge monster relentlessly chases you; survival (or death) will depend on your ability to pilot the boat.

Check out the gameplay of Maroscuro and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.



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