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MATERIA EX VITA CHRONICLES: Run Down the Road and Escape from Planet in this Simulator Game

Materia Ex Vita: Chronicles is a third-person simulator indie game created by BigBoot and released on December 24 of this year on The game is a prologue, entitled "A Long Way Home", and is part of the main lore of the Materia Ex Vita original game, this being a space-sim. Here, you are a guy who, after a day working, runs on your son's company in your car, in direction to a bunker to be with your wife and get out of the planet where they are. During the journey, you will receive info from your friends about the events that probably happen on the series main quest.

There's no much to say here: you only run through the road with your car and listen and read all the dialogue. The game has some good graphics and a relaxing soundtrack. The game is short and it worth the playtime if you have played the original game Demo and if you are interested in both the game and story. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link (the same link where the gif image was taken) below:

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