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MEDULLA: A Short Horror Game Where Things Become Odd During a Medical Exam

Medulla is a short indie game with point-and-click elements created by Retro Session and published on December 05 of this year. Here, you are a brain surgeon which is realizing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan on a patient. But the things become weird as you listen to someone (or something) arriving in the same room as you.

Graphics are in retro style, very pixelated. During the gameplay, you only interact with four buttons on the screen. You can observe your patient, the door, use a scanner to seeing the patient's brain activity, and interact with the exam papers. The sound aspect is more focused on the effects and use of one music to verify brain activity. The Doctor's voice helps you in every procedure, by scanning the brain while every sound or noise is played, and on exam paper fill according to the results. The gameplay is focused only on the mouse.

The game can be finished in 2 minutes. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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