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MEGA ROBOTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Fight Your Opponents in this Mecha Fighting Game

Mega Robots Championship is an indie fighting game created by marcelbarcelos and launched on the "" platform on January 5th this year. The game is in the prototype stage and there is no plot (at least not yet). You control one of five robots and fight your opponents in an arena.

The robots look great, but there are things that could have been better done, like the look of the pilots and the scenery. Another point that could be added would be the customization of the keyboard commands and the addition of the directional commands for the controls.

The logo of the game could be better worked, but we take into account that it is a prototype, so it may be that the developer works on that game, improving it or using it as a basis to create another one in the same style. Only time will tell.

Check out the gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested, you can download the demo at the link below:

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