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MIDNIGHT SHIFT: Escape From A Building With Ghoulish Mannequins In This Analogue Horror Game.

Midnight Shift is a first-person analog horror game developed by Phantom where you play as a security guard at a mannequin store and realize that strange things happen. Now you need to find a way out of the place, but the keys have been misplaced.

The game has a very similar style to other analog horror games already covered here on the site and on our Youtube channel, where you have the use of an analog filter to similar a found footage and a flashlight-based gameplay where you explore a place dark and that limits your vision to attract your attention to the little scares that happen.

The game is competent and manages to create a good atmosphere of psychological horror. The dummies, famous for generating tension, manage to create good moments of scares and, despite the short duration of gameplay, the game manages to hold the player from start to finish.

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