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MIDNIGHT SNACK: A Little Girl is Alone in a House With Strange Things Happening at Midnight

Midnight Snack is a short first-person Interactive Fiction indie game with touches of horror produced by Bruno Bricchi and published on October 13th of this year, on the platform. In Midnight Snack, you control a 12-year-old girl who is alone at home as her mother has gone out for a little while. During midnight, you feel hungry and decide to go down to the kitchen to eat some snacks, but strange things start happening where you least expect it...

To put it bluntly here, the game is pretty simple, don't expect too much: Visually speaking, Midnight Snack features low-poly graphics that try to get a little closer to a more retro-oriented style, with a visual filter that's somewhat reminiscent of monitors CRT. Gameplay is another aspect here that doesn't require a lot to say, other than that it's typical of many indie games of the same style.

The game, in short, consists of just two goals to be accomplished and a subtle reference to a heinous act. Nothing more, nothing less. You can check out Midnight Snack gameplay by clicking this link here and if you are interested, just download the game from the page below.

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