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MIKA: A Platform/Puzzle Game Where You Must Save Your People from a Despot King

mika is a platform and puzzle indie game with bullet hell elements that was published on November 30th of this year. In the game, you control a young owl who lives in the slums and, after discovering that the Moonlight priestess's group was brutally murdered and that the King was behind this, embarks on a journey to fight him and prevent eternal darkness falls upon them.

Beginning with the graphics, the game presents apparently handcrafted visuals. The game sweats simplicity since the characters to sceneries. The demo, in terms of soundtrack, is still little and varies between instrumental music and ambient sounds. The gameplay is typical of many platform games: you run, dash, jump and interact with the slum people.

The big difference here is the use of the mouse and the Q and E keys: you aim for the opponent, uses the mouse left button to shoot and uses the Q and E keys to make bullets, freezing on-air, reach the target. The mouse right button allows you to heal yourself by using the power of moonlight, a power that can be recharged on a temple or in localized plants close to some windows, where the light passes through.

The game allows you the use of a controller too, but in my opinion, this still needs some improvement. In my first experience, the character always walks even not using the control stick, besides that, the aim system on the controller is failing.

The game, despite that little fail, is interesting and presents good potential. Until this moment, mika is still in the development stage. Check out the gameplay right here and download by clicking on the link below:

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