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MONDAYS A SISYPHEAM TYPING GAME: An Absurdist Sisypheam Typing Game Where You Write Out Emails.

Mondays A Sisypheam Typing Game is a typing game where you are hired to answer emails and earn money while facing a climb to the peak of a mountain that proves to be increasingly difficult. The game is inspired by the myth of Sisyphus, where the character receives the punishment of repeating the heavy work of carrying a stone to the top of a mountain as proof that humans are not like the gods.

The game has a very fun gameplay where you need to type several emails with random messages that, when completed, double your points and allow you to increase your work or buy items to customize the stone and that change the look of the game, such as adding background music, change colors and more.

Check out the Mondays A Sisypheam Typing Game

Download Mondays A Sisypheam Typing Game


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