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MOT'S GRAND PRIX: Beat Your Opponents on the Tracks in this Impressive PICO-8 Racing Game

Mot's Grand Prix is ​​an indie racing game produced by Tom Mulgrew and published on September 22 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". Mot's Grand Prix has no plot, on the contrary, we have here a genuine arcade racing game, where your objective is just to beat your rivals on three tracks, each with its own level of challenge: the balanced Silverstone circuit, the twists of Suzuka , or the fast, sweeping curves of Brands Hatch.

The game was produced using PICO-8, a kind of virtual console where you can create impressive games with the hardware limitations of ancient times. To be quite honest here, in the hands of very competent developers, there have been a lot of good games coming out of PICO-8, and this one is an example of how impressive the system is. Tom Mulgrew is already a little known here: he was the one who produced the fantastic Trial of The Sorcerer, and here he doesn't look bad: the game has an apparent inspiration in games like Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive/Genesis version) and Virtua Racing (from Sega 32X). The cars are beautiful, as are the scenes, even though they are low-resolution.

The challenge happens not only on the tracks, but also in the control of the car: you have to alternate between acceleration and braking in corners, which can be indicated by the line of arrows present on the track, which alternate between green, yellow and red, indicating from "safety in accelerating" to "slow down the throttle a lot", as it is extremely easy to skid off the track and even hit corners, drastically reducing speed and losing positions in the race.

Without a doubt, PICO-8 presents us with excellent games that surprise us for the visual quality, despite being extremely limited (which is an interesting thing, since they say that limitation and need lead to creativity). Check out the gameplay of Mot's Grand Prix by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game (or play in browser) on the page below:

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