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MOTHER OF MANY: Manage Crops and Kill Hordes of Monsters to Escape a Family's Curse

Mother of Many is a short indie first-person action, horror and "shooter" game that was produced by Brainwash Gang and published on March 14th of that year, being available on the platform. Mother of Many tells the story of a village of mice who lived in a forest. Unfortunately, the place where they lived was infertile, and nothing grew there. By praying to the "Mother of Many", the deity they followed, they discovered that this was because of their sins and that only a blood offering would be needed to bring fertility to the land and good harvests. After several periods of sacrifices and harvests, they reached the point where there was nothing left and only two sisters remained. Now it's up to the little sister to get stronger to end the family curse.

The gameplay here in Mother of Many can be summarized as follows: here we have terrain management (a la Harvest Moon) mixed with frenetic wave action. Each day you need to cultivate the land (throwing seeds and removing vegetables) and use them to increase your attributes (more speed, more seed slots, etc.). After that, you move to the action field, where the Mother of Many brings several monsters in waves, where you must kill them and gain experience. With each level up, you choose one of three types of seeds, which generate effects on the battlefield.

As for the graphical aspects, Mother of Many is spectacular. It features beautifully crafted art made for the story and has a very well done retro 3D style, from the characters to the items. For those who like "horde killing" games, you will really like Mother of Many, it's hard not to get addicted. Check out the Mother of Many gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.


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