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MY CUTE DESTROYER OF WORLDS: Take Care of a Dangerous Entity and Avoid the End of All Existence

My Cute Destroyer of Worlds is an indie puzzle game that was produced by Supernatural Stardust and was published on January 24th of this year on the itch.io platform. In the game, you receive a visit from a strange entity, inside your own house. Such an entity tasks you to take care of a strange creature known as IT, and prevent it from entering the so-called "Primordial Zone of Life and Death", otherwise all existence will be annihilated.

My Cute Destroyer of Worlds was produced for Virtual Pet Jam: just by the name you can tell that it is a game with a style inspired by the famous Tamagotchis. The gameplay combines all aspects of a tamagotchi with first-person interaction and simulation: you'll need to feed it, bathe it, etc. In terms of graphics, we see here a good game with a low poly look that was heavily inspired by PSX games.

Check out the My Cute Destroyer of Worlds gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/LHlcjLrgxB8

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://supernaturalstardust.itch.io/my-cute-destroyer-of-worlds

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