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MY DESTINY GIRLS - Download Game

My Destiny Girls is a visual novel game and romance simulator using FMV developed by EpicDream Games where you play as a man who is woken up from a faint by two beautiful girls who are in love with you. Now you have to live with them, meet new girls and spend time together so that, perhaps, a romance can happen.

In My Destiny Girls you have a story that holds the player from the beginning and the use of FMV instead of 2D or 3D models seems to make everything even closer to the real thing and increases the immersion in the game absurdly, making you really feel like you are with people. real. Furthermore, the girls in the game are all beautiful, with unique personalities that will definitely captivate you into approaching them. But be careful with your choices, as it could interfere with your relationships with other girls.

My Destiny Girls Official Trailer 1

My Destiny Girls Official Trailer 2

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