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MY EYES INSIDE OUT 3: Survive in a Hotel Overrun by the Infected in this RE: Village-inspired Game

My Eyes Inside Out Chapter 3 is an indie action, survival horror and first-person shooter game that was produced and developed by ReveVoodoo and published on June 5th of this year, being available on the platform. My Eyes Inside Out 3 is the last chapter in Angela's story and ends her saga of fighting the zombies: In the game, we follow one. Angela a little older and scarred on her face, stuck with a few other people in a hotel. Angela discovered that, after trying to eradicate an advancing chemical disease in the events of the second game, that disease actually spread across the ocean to Pohzas, a fishing town. This city ended up being considered by the government as a death zone, and its infected residents ended up being confined in these 3 hotels, including Angela, who was on site. Now it's up to Angela to find a way to escape the place.

In terms of gameplay, Chapter 3 follows the same lines as the other two chapters: you have a large place to explore and face zombies and monsters, as well as interact with some objects, collecting them and taking them to another area to unlock a door or an event itself. According to the developer, Chapter 3 has inspirations from Resident Evil: Village, where the horror is practically psychological instead of being more direct, that is, the environment and tension are what cause more fear than the monsters themselves. The action, which existed in Chapter 2 is very little here, you spend a little more time exploring the place than killing zombies all the time. As for the graphics, Chapter 3 has a very cool look, not too fancy, but functional, with the same aesthetics and style present in the previous works by ReveVoodoo.

Despite being simple games, it's always nice to see something new from this developer. There is always something new and interesting that Voodoo puts into their games, even if they are few. You can check out My Eyes Inside Out Chapter 3 gameplay on our channel. If interested, download the My Eyes Inside Out Chapter 3 game from the page. The respective links are available for access below.

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