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NARITA BOY: As a Legendary hero, save Your World and Your Creator in this Amazing Adventure Game

Narita Boy is an indie game produced by Studio Koba and with a demo version published on February 3rd on Steam (and apparently for a limited time). In the game, you control Narita Boy, an ancient hero who was the product of his Creator, a programmer genius of the 80s. Narita Boy is summoned by the Digital Kingdom because an entity known as "Him", once defeated, came back to life and deleted the memories of the Creator. It is up to you, the legendary hero, to embark on a symphonic journey to bring the memories back and defeat "Him" once and for all.

Here we have an action and adventure game in the good old Metroidvania style of being, but with strong roots in the pop culture of the 80's, full of neon, grids, colors and synthesizers. The graphic part is amazing: the entire Digital Kingdom was made by hand in a very neat way, bringing life to this world. The characters are very lively, with their own personalities.

The gameplay is typical of games of the genre, you use a single sword, the Techno-sword, for practically everything, from normal attacks, to even using it as Shotgun. Another part that deserves a huge highlight is its soundtrack: being composed by Salvinsky, Narita Boy's music manages to transmit that whole world in an impressive way, and even transcendently, as for example in the battle theme. Here, synthesizers and vocals bring an impact and a huge sense of power as you fight enemies in the midst of neon lights.

Due to be released later this year for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and for consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), Narita Boy is a game that is worth playing and enjoying. Check out the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and download the demo from the link below, before it is removed (take the chance to put the game on your Steam wishlist):

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