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NARROW ONE: A Multiplayer Arena FPS Where Medieval Bows and Arrows Command the Battle

Narrow One is an indie multiplayer online first-person shooter action game that is produced by Pelican Party Studios and published on May 19th of this year, available on the platform. Narrow One apparently doesn't have a plot and the premise is quite simple: Armed with a bow and arrows, defeat your opponents while defending your castle, stealing your enemies' flags and thus winning the battle, which is typical of a multiplayer arena, that simple.

Graphically speaking, Narrow One presents a colorful and somewhat cartoonish look, without much depth of lighting or detail. In terms of gameplay, here we have the highlight of the game: being an online multiplayer, you currently have 12 maps, 5 types of arcs and more than 100 wearable items that can be unlocked during matches. As with any online game, you have updates that appear in the game from time to time. The commands are typical of any other online FPS game, and if you already have a certain experience with games like this, here in Narrow One it will be easy and in a short time you will be well used to the environment and the way of playing.

Check out the gameplay of Narrow One on our channel and, if you're interested, download (or play) the game Narrow One, which is available on the page. The respective links can be accessed below.

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