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NEIGHBOR: Find the Truth about the Apartment and its Neighbor in this Horror Game

Neighbor is an indie horror game produced by and published on August 3, 2020, but completely completed on December 5 of the same year, and updated on February 8 of this year. In the game, you are a young woman who finds the apartment of dreams. The rental price is low and your life is going very well. However, he discovers that the apartment hides some terrible secrets, which can have enormous consequences not only for his life but also for the whole city.

The game was produced using GBStudio, a tool for creating games in the GameBoy style, Nintendo's first laptop, and can even be played on the console itself. The visuals are very well produced, the story is interesting and the gameplay is simple but functional within a game with full focus on the narrative. The art produced for the game, including some static scenes, appeals to a horror style influenced by that of the 50s, which is pretty cool.

Neighbor comes in two versions: Normal and Deluxe. While the Normal version comes only with the game, Deluxe adds box art, conceptual and pixelated, as well as trailer and promotional videos. You can check the complete gameplay of Neighbor by clicking on this link here, and you can download the normal version or, if interested, buy the Deluxe version for five dollars, by clicking on the link below:

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