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NEW TESTAMENT: Work in the Church as You Unravel the Mystery Behind Children Disappearances

New Testament is a first-person interactive fiction and horror game that is being produced by Bruno Bricchi and that is currently in the development stage. A prototype of the game, which acts as a Prologue to the story, is available on the platform, and was published on April 27th, this year. In the prologue, you are Carmelia, an 11-year-old girl who works in a church located in a rural area. Your mother died and as a result you and your father are going through a terrible financial crisis, which justifies you working there so early. Your only task is to clean every room in the church, but something strange is in the air, as many other children have gone through the same task as you... and are currently missing...

In terms of graphics, New Testament features an aesthetic inspired by PSX games, as well as the use of filters that give the game that CRT TV look, which is great for retro fans. The graphics are low-poly and low resolution, which gives it a nostalgic charm. The gameplay is very simple, with a simulative behavior, at least in the Prologue (the end of it promises a lot of action when the full game is released). In this prologue you just do a simple task, which is to sweep the church floor. You are only restricted to moving around, looking around with the Mouse and interacting with objects and people.

If I had to point out one problem with this game, it would be this: the prologue is too dark. It's understandable that its creator wants to give it an atmosphere of fear, but I think they've overdone it here. If you're a fan of retro-themed, Haunted PS1-style horror games, the full version of this game is worth waiting for. You can check out the Prologue gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download it to play, on the page. The respective links are below.


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