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NIGHT MANIAC: a old employee now wants to kill everyone after his dismissal in this survival horror.

Night Maniac is an indie survival horror game developed by Noxus Games Studio in which you play as the head of a butcher shop who, after starting his workday, serving some customers, cleaning the place and managing the stock, realizes that strange events happen and there's blood in the place. It's about your former employee, who didn't accept his resignation and will now kill anyone in his path.

The game has retro visuals, inspired by the 32-bit era and has a first-person gameplay where you just interact with your customers and objects scattered around the place, while solving small tasks like taking meat to the freezer, fixing the light, cleaning the ground and move to something more survival in the second part of the game where you need to hide.

The game is very reminiscent of another game already covered on our website and youtube channel called Poop Killer 2, where you are also a market attendant and welcome customers while doing small tasks in place until a threat appears and you fight for your life.

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