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NIGHT SHIFT: A Horror Game where You Serve Customers at a Roadside Store

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Stay Out of the House is an indie simulation and horror first-person game produced by Puppet Combo. The demo version of the game, released on the Steam page, is entitled "Night Shift", and has already been featured in the Scary Tales Vol.1 anthology, which was published on the "" platform on October 12, 2019. Night Shift was established as a prequel to the game and in it, you control an employee of a roadside store and, as it is your night shift, you must take care of the store, serving your customers, cleaning the place, and replacing the products that are left lacking.

The game presents a visual style back to the 90s, both in the graphics, which simulates PSX games, as well as the present VHS aesthetics, and it is not for nothing: it is a horror slasher game. The gameplay is the same as many other games of the genre: simple, but functional within the proposal.

Stay Out of The House does not have a planned release date. You can check the gameplay of the game here and, if you are interested, you can download the prequel "Night Shift" on the Steam page. Take the opportunity to put the game on your wish list and, if you want, you can buy the anthology Scary Tales Vol.1 on "":

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