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NIGHTFALL HOLLOW: Investigate a City Shrouded in Mystery, Intrigue and Supernatural Events

Nightfall Hollow is an Indie Adventure, Exploration, Puzzle, Mystery, and Third-person Horror game being produced by Deadlyspud and currently in the development stage, without a set release date. The game, however, made available, on March 16th of this year, a demo version, entitled "Prologue", on the platform. In Nightfall Hollow, you control Jonathan, a decadent journalist who, after receiving a strange email, asking him to go to the small town of Nightfall Hollow, ends up there. Attracted by rumors about ghost sightings, strange signs appearing in the sky there, ancient cults from the 16th century and even the resurrection of a cat, Jonathan decides to investigate, but to no avail, when he realizes that its residents don't even comment on the cases. It's up to you to find a way to investigate what's going on in this town.

The game was produced in the RPG Maker engine, but it is not an RPG: Nightfall Hollow is an adventure and exploration game where you go looking for clues and talking to the inhabitants. Visually, the game features very nice and colorful 16-bit pixelated graphics. The soundtrack is very cool and matches the environment provided by the city at times. In terms of gameplay, you explore various locations in the city, find items that can be sold to a pawn shop, and thus earn money from them. In addition, you have your diary, where you can see general and specific objectives, objectives that you can fulfill according to the conversations you have with the villagers. At times, certain words appear in red during the conversation, indicating that they are key items to complete or continue the quest progress. The game promises several puzzles at some point.

Nightfall Hollow seems to be a very interesting game, with a lot to do there, in addition to a proposed challenge level that seems to be very good. It remains only to wait for new information about the game and even a release date of the full version. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay made on our channel and/or download the demo. Just click on the respective links below.


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