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NIGHTMARE: A Frantic FPS Game Where You Must Survive to Hordes of Demons on a hellish Arena

Nightmare is a first-person shooter action that can be classified as follows: a frantic and violent formula of shootings, demons, LSD, anime girls, and pure destructive music. The game was published on October 20th of this year and your plot is crazier than your style: You are a Machinangel who lives in a dystopic world and are in an arena to kill synthetic demons in order to ascend to digital heaven.

The game is a dangerous mixture of various things: here we have the typical visual and characteristics from games as Doom and Duke Nukem (besides, the game even uses some Duke Nukem 3D sprites), we have, too, anime girls here (the initial cutscene even uses Ghost in the Shell scenes, but in a way that seems originated from Vaporwave music albums or videos) and an explosive soundtrack, that variates from crazy electronic music and hellish heavy metal music.

The game is action and carnage in your prime: your mission here is only to survive, killing waves and waves of demons to gain a high score (more arcade than that, impossible.) During the waves, you get guns or abilities, depending on your choice.

Nightmare is still in the prototype stage. Check out this craziness right here and download by clicking on the link below:

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