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NINA AQUILA: LEGAL EAGLE: Run after Clues and Defend Your Client in this Ace Attorney-Inspired Game

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of adventure, interactive fiction, and visual novel games that are produced by Tanuki-sama Studios. The first game in the series was published on December 8th, 2018, and received an update on September 19th of this year. The first chapter is available for free on the indie gaming platform In this chapter, we meet Nina Aquila, a defense attorney and bona fide Legal Eagle, and participate in her first job: your client has been accused of a terrible crime, and you need to prove her innocence using evidence obtained before and during the trial.

Anyone who has read the synopsis above will probably say that they've seen a series of games with this same theme before, and you couldn't be more correct about that: yes, Nina Aquila is basically a series inspired by CAPCOM's famous Ace Attorney franchise, but with a few differences. The biggest one is the map system (which can be seen at the beginning of the first game, but which is better used in the following chapters). The game has everything a fan of the Ace Attorney franchise could want: charismatic characters, a good soundtrack, simple but fun gameplay that combines well, comedy and pop culture references, among others.

There is not much to talk about here. Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is an excellent and fun tribute to the adventures of the famous lawyer with weird hair, with a very cool style and some new features that give a huge difference to the game. It's worth knowing the franchise, which can be purchased both on and on Steam (on, only the first chapter is free, and on Steam, the three chapters are available with many improvements). Just click on the links below. The gameplay of the first episode can be seen by clicking this link here.





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