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NINE SOLS: A Sekiro-Inspired Game about an Vengeful Hero's Quest to Slay the 9 Sols

Nine Sols is an indie third-person action-adventure game, which is being produced by RedCandleGames and is scheduled for release in 2023 Q2, but a demo version has been published on the Steam platform. In Nine Sols, you are a warrior named Yi, who awakens in New Kunlun after a deadly battle. After befriending a human child, he discovers about ancient gods and a promised land, which is told through sacred rituals. However, he eventually realizes the truth, and must now embark on a journey of revenge to exterminate the 9 Sols, formidable rulers of this realm.

It is noticeable the level of care that RedCandleGames is having with this game is something impressive. Nine Sols features a completely hand-drawn look, from the cutscenes, which feature a visual style completely inspired by Japanese manga, to the characters and their movements and environments, full of life. It is worth remembering that RedCandleGames is the same studio behind the acclaimed horror games Detention and Devotion, so this level of care is noticeable. As for the gameplay, Nine Sols presents us with an adventure style with a slight inspiration from Metroidvania games, but with strong inspirations from current souls-like, especially Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, since you have to defend or dodge at the right moments to finally attack your opponents, so expect high level of challenge here.

Another interesting point is in its universe: this is the game that presents us with a new aspect of Cyberpunk (Taopunk), but with elements of oriental mythology/fantasy, and that combines elements of the subgenre with Taoism. And all this reflects a lot in the game's narrative. Without a doubt, Nine Sols is an intriguing game, worth checking out. While the full game is not yet released, you can watch the gameplay of the demo on our channel and, if you are interested, you can download the demo of the game, which is available on Steam. Just click on the respective links below.


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