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NMNE: Escape from a Murderous Entity and Find Your Way Out of the Nightmare in this Horror Game

NMNE (Acronym for NightMare Never End) is an indie first-person psychological horror adventure game produced by AK Studio and published on November 8th of this year, on the Steam platform. In NMNE, you wake up to find yourself trapped in a dream after seeing your own body lying in bed. Your objective is to find a way out of this nightmare, as there is an entity that seeks to kill you.

In terms of graphics, NMNE is pretty simple. Here we have a very clean look and even a little amateur (my opinion here). Gameplay is also simple, as it is very similar to the controls of many other indie games of the genre. Check out NMNE's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can purchase the game on Steam, just click the link below.


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