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NOVALIE: Discover the Truth about Your Friend and the Nightmares You Have at Night in this VN Game

Novalie is an indie visual novel and psychological horror game being produced by Biscuit Placebo and which does not yet have a release date, but a demo version was published on February 18th of this year and is available on the Steam platform. Novalie tells the story of Ashia, who lives a terrible life: in addition to enduring the advances of her psychopathic brother, she still has to face the fact that, in a few days, she will have to marry her slimy uncle. Every night she is haunted by surreal nightmares where she is eaten alive by wraiths in a dark forest. But things start to change when she meets a girl named Novalie. It's up to Aisha to find out who this girl is, what secrets exist in the dark forest and who's behind the various sinister events that take place in her house.

Because it is a visual novel, the game is already restricted to a specific audience, where narrative and reading are more important. Visually, Novalie has a colorful style, with art that seems (SEEMS) to have been inspired by French Impressionism, which gives it a certain charm. The soundtrack is very cool and matches the different moments of the game, from a happy moment to the most "macabro" moments. The gameplay is typical of any other game of the same genre: you follow the story and it unfolds according to the choices you make throughout it. Each choice can lead to a different path that leads to a different possible ending.

Check out Novalie's demo gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo from the Steam page. Just click on the respective links below.


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