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O.V.N.I. Abduction: a horror game with a good atmosphere about ETs.

O.V.N.I. Abduction is a first-person horror game developed by Vanadial that takes place in the Gulf of Mexico, where a secret space project in progress has been canceled and its team removed for unknown reasons. However, years later a team of engineers decides to return to the place to do research until, one night, you wake up with strange noises and discover that the rest of the team has disappeared.

The game has good graphics, a good atmosphere and is divided into two moments: a first person horror game and, in the second moment, a horror shooting game. However, the first part can seem tedious, because it comes down to going around the house while strange things happen. In the shooting game part, you don't use the gun very much. But remember that this is a Demo version of the game. There are still good times and jumpscares that really work.

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