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OCEANWORK: Explore Resources and Buy Your Freedom in this Adventure Game

Oceanwork is an indie adventure and survival game produced by Warkus and published on April 27 this year, on the indie gaming platform The game was produced in 72 hours, for the 48th Ludum Dare Game Jam and here, you control a prisoner who, after being caught and tried for his crimes, is sentenced to work on an oceanic planet, exploring rare resources that lie deep in the depths. Your role here is to guarantee your freedom by collecting and selling such resources.

The premise of Oceanwork is very simple: dive, collect, come back, sell and buy. That simple. But what looks simple is actually something that makes this game a little bit addictive. It’s a pleasure to explore items for more money and buy items to improve the experience. In addition, the graphics are excellent. The choice here for a good old-fashioned PS1 look was very well taken.

I think the only problem with this game is that it is not a little longer. It would be great to have more stages, like four or five, to extend the fun more. Check out the Oceanwork gameplay by clicking this link here and, if you are interested, you can download it from the page below:

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