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Oddventure: A Superb RPG Where EarthBound meets Grimm Brothers and Nietzsche

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

EarthBound/Mother is, no shadow of a doubt, one of most cult classics of video games history and, obviously, it would be a matter of time until appearing new games that have inspiration on this title. Oddventure is one of them, but with a differentiated plot, having inspiration on the Grimm Brothers tales and a Nietzsche pinch that gives to this indie game a little gloomy, even sarcastic tone.

Here, you are Charlie, a nihilistic and kind of antisocial teenager with serious anger issues that finds herself in a strange land, with strange people, trying to find Bonzo, your little brother, and the way to home. Some of what I've seen in Oddventure is obviously inspired by EarthBound: we have a turn-based combat RPG, with superb graphics, charismatic characters, and a great soundtrack that remembers a lot the craziness present on Nintendo famous franchise.

But, the resemblance stops right here, where Oddventure shows your potential: the plot is guided by moral choices you have to face during the game, and that can weigh upon both plot and game endings, based on the choices you make. The game also has a resolution of cute and weird puzzles, and the mood system has a great matter on battles, where you can solve conflicts and win even no needing attack, only using dialogue.

In my opinion, with every point talked here, I could easily put Oddventure on my best indie games list if it weren't for detail: the game is still on the demo version and doesn't have a release date. Overall, if you are an EarthBound/Mother fan or are a fan of good turn-based RPGs, it worth a lot checking out this game.

Check out the gameplay here and download the demo by clicking on the links below:

If you have a Steam account, put this game on your wishlist:

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