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OKIKU: Investigate a Restaurant Haunted by a Japanese Doll in this Horror Game

Okiku is a first-person indie horror game produced by Azaxor (the same as Crawlerphobia and Bloodmoon Church) and published on August 9th of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". Okiku is inspired by a Japanese urban legend about Okiku, a doll that is said to grow her own hair and teeth. In the game plot, a restaurant and sake bar owner, Haku, found the doll in an ancient temple and took it to his place of work, thinking it would attract luck and clientele to his business. But this proved to be a lie, seeing that strange and terrible events began to happen. Afterwards, Haku came into contact with Minato, a young student with a keen interest in paranormal activities. In control of Minato, you must investigate the phenomena taking place in the restaurant and find a way to end it.

The game itself is very short, and can be completed in 15 minutes to almost half an hour. The idea here is to investigate the entire place in search of clues and thus learn more about the doll's history. Graphically, Okiku is quite happy about it. The graphics are very nice and well done, with a certain degree of realism that is quite impressive. The gameplay is very simple but it suits not only the game but the horror genre. You move and interact with the location, manipulating objects and hiding on the table when Okiku passes through the locations.

Unfortunately the game is not error-free: there is a specific bug that happens more in the central area of ​​the restaurant: sometimes you end up getting stuck trying to get out from under the tables, and in certain situations you end up crouching and getting up all the time, alone , without even touching the keys, which makes you have to restart the game and start all over again.

Despite the bug, it is possible to close the game without experiencing this problem. Okiku is a good horror game, with the potential for something more. It's worth checking out to pass the time. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay by clicking on this link here and/or downloading the game from the page below:

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