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OLDBERSERKER: An Action Game Where You Step Into Sacred Grounds in order to Reach Valhalla

OldBerserker is an action/adventure indie game with a Dark Fantasy style that was produced by Reve Voodoo and published on October 15th of this year. He was submitted to the "Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam 2020" event, which is curious because, in my humble opinion, this game doesn't even evoke the horror feeling that is typical of other event's games. Here, you are a Viking warrior that wants to enter on sacred ground in the hope to reunite himself with Odin and your brothers in arms in Valhalla in order to fight on humanity's final event: the Raggnarock.

The game's visuals are typical of other games that were submitted to the event mentioned above: good graphics that emulates the first Sony console, the PlayStation, involving soundtrack, despite being only a few pieces of music, and simple, but functional gameplay, being good inside the game's proposal. Maybe the only problem I have here would be the bugs that I found: one in the wooden board connections where the character passes through, and others when you climb up in some rocks. Despite these bugs, the game works very well.

Check out the gameplay right here and download, if you're interested, here on the link below:

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