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ONLY IN WHISPER: Face Monsters on a Border Between the Real and the Unreal in this Horror Game

Only in Whisper is a first-person Survival Horror indie game being produced by PolyLabStudio and currently in the development stage. The demo version of the game was published on the indie gaming platform itch.io on November 3rd this year. In Only in Whisper, you control a soldier who wakes up after a plane crash, unable to discern the real from the unreal. Now you find yourself in a sinister maze full of horrible creatures and you need to find a way out before they catch you.

According to PolyLabStudio, the game has an aesthetic heavily inspired by genre classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Starting with the graphics, which use a low-poly serrated look. The gameplay is very simple, typical of many indie games in this genre. Anyone who plays (or has played) several other examples of such games will get used to it more easily here.

Check out the Only in Whisper gameplay and/or download the demo by clicking one of the links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/9I1DAintQO8

DOWNLOAD THE DEMO HERE: https://polylabstudio.itch.io/only-in-whisper

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