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OPERATION FULL MOON: Turn on the Machines and Escape from Beasts in this Thriller Game

Operation Full Moon is an indie adventure and thriller game in first person produced by molliepoppin and published on January 10th this year on the platform "". In the game, you control a pilot who crashed on a dystopian island in the Arctic. You hear a voice that echoes in the place and discover that to escape, you need to activate 6 machines scattered throughout the place. And you need to be quick because you are not alone.

The game has simple gameplay typical of many indie games in the first person: you just move, run and squat around the scene, while using the mouse to look where you want and start the machines. The soundtrack consists of only one song, but it is pleasant, relaxing, and blends well with the ambiance proposed by the game.

It's a short game, but it's worth it if you want to spend a few minutes to have fun in an uncompromising way. The gameplay of the game made by the website you can see by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download it by clicking on the link below:

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