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OPERATION - POLAR EXPRESS: Face Wholesome Christmas Horrors at Santa's Workshop

Operation - Polar Express is a short indie first person adventure game with puzzle and horror elements that was produced by Jivapeira and published on December 12th this year, on the platform. In Operation - Polar Express, you are none other than Santa Claus, and you are getting ready to deliver presents for Christmas. But what appears to be another busy day on Christmas Eve turns out to be a struggle for survival as the factory's warning signals are triggered. You have a visitor, and it turns out that you are not a pleasant or friendly...

Jivapeira is already a known figure here on the channel. We've already covered some of his works, such as the NonZero series, The Creation and Gnome Issues. They all have something in common: Jivapeira's care in terms of graphics. Without a doubt, each game of it has a huge visual beauty, and here it is no different. The gameplay here is very simple, typical of several other games produced by him. There are elements of horror here, but they fit into a more comedic-oriented context than horror itself.

Check the gameplay of Operation - Polar Express and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


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