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OPERATION RACCOON: Attack the Police and Steal a Car full of Money in this Action Game

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Operation Raccoon is an action and shooting game produced by kichokhrizzz and published on February 12th this year, on the "" platform. The game is in the development stage and does not have a defined plot. You control a thug who seeks to steal a strong car full of money, and who is being escorted by the police.

The game features well-made low poly graphics, an electrifying soundtrack, and great action. The gameplay is very typical of many shooting games: you can run, jump, aim, use vehicles for cover, change weapons when you find them, and reload it. Perhaps the only problems I encountered are the fact that we have only a single phase, the lack of a story mode, improving the cover command, and improving the aim of the weapon. Other than that, the game manages to be very competent in its proposal.

It is worth remembering that the game is still in development, probably over time it may present news in terms of gameplay and history. Hopefully, that will happen. Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here and, if you are interested in the game, download it by clicking on the link below:

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