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OSK: THE END OF TIME: Escape a Chaotic Apocalypse by Climbing a Enormous Tree, Up Towards the Sky

OSK: The End of Time is a short indie action, adventure and platform game that was produced by Diax Arts and published on April 29th of this year, on the platform. In OSK, you control a squirrel that lived in a forest in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape. However, what was a perfect and pleasant day turned out to be a real hell: an ancient dormant volcano awakened, and with it came a shower of stones and fire of apocalyptic proportions. The sky turned red like fire itself, and the earth burned with flames. You, a little squirrel, try to escape this apocalypse, while you must climb an ancient tree, whose canopy literally reaches the heavens.

In visual aspects, OSK is very beautiful. Very beautiful indeed. There's a high artistic caliber here, ranging from the background to assets like the tree, clouds, and everything that goes on around it. Perhaps a negative aspect that I could mention here would be the saturated use of colors. The saturation here is loaded and this can end up bothering those with sensitive eyes. As for the gameplay, you control a squirrel trying to survive hell on earth. At the moment you only rely on lateral movements and jumping. In the case of the jump, you can jump four times, which makes climbing to higher places much easier. At a given moment, you acquire the power of thunder, which you can use with the left mouse button. In addition, you can zoom in or out on the map using the mouse wheel.

Undoubtedly, we have here an Artgame in the strictest sense of the word. OSK: The End of Time is a very beautiful game visually and it raises some interesting questions, as well as raising doubts about what happened in the game and what led to it. The game is available for free (for now) on the platform. In addition, the gameplay of the game is available on our channel. Just click on the links below.


  1. ODYSEE: a

  2. TIKTOK: a


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