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OUT OF THE LIGHT: Save the Prisoners and Escape from a Bizarre Kidnapper in this Horror Game

Out of The Light is a short indie horror game produced by qqepijack and published on January 29 of that year on the platform "". In the game, you wake up in a house with other people after being kidnapped by a bizarre guy with a paper bag on your head. Your goal here is to avoid using the flashlight and running as much as possible, as your kidnapper responds to light and sounds. In addition, you need to take the other prisoners to the exit door and, finally, find the key to open that door. The problem is that the key is made of a strange material and, therefore, does not appear in bright places, that is, it glows in the dark and only in the dark you can find it.

The game was produced for Blackthornprod Game Jam #3, a Jam where several developers created a game in 7 days, based on a secret theme. The gameplay is typical of many indie games in the first person. The graphics are very well done, but there is a little lack of care here: the prisoners behave as if they were made of gelatin when carried by the protagonist, for example. That is, some bugs typical of a game made in 7 days.

Despite being produced in this short term and having some bugs, the game is quite fun and worth playing in your spare time. The game could have a few more elements and we hope the developer can update it, adding new elements, something more to increase the replay factor.

You can check his gameplay by clicking here and, if you are interested in playing it, you can click on the link below for that:

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