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PAKO HIGHWAY: A Arcade Racing Game With Endless Twist Inspired By Early 2000s.

Pako Highway is an indie racing game developed by Tree Men Games in which you drive at high speeds through endless highways facing traffic while dodging vehicles, earn boosts and get the highest possible score listening to new retro wave music with futuristic models and scenarios from the 80's.

The game is a lot of fun and it gets even more interesting when you understand the gameplay. In my first game I thought that even using the boost, you would have to dodge cars, which increases the game's challenge, but the fun is exactly the opposite: you avoid cars while charging your boost and run over everyone to win even more boost encouraging you to have frantic gameplay. The challenge after that becomes keeping the boost on.

Still, Pako Highway has a bug that will surely be fixed: vehicles collide and this can cause cars to obstruct the entire passage and you have to repeat your departure. In addition, you will be able to collect points and redeem new tracks with one with an incredible sunset and also more beautiful cars, in addition to improving attributes such as speed and steering.

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