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PARANECRO: Investigate a Deserted Town and Overcome its Traumas in this Psychological Horror Game

Paranecro is an indie first-person action game with elements of psychological horror that is being produced and developed by GenemesicX and has a scheduled release date of July 15th of this year, however a demo of the game is available to try on the Steam platform. In Paranecro, you play Otis, a former detective who lost his wife and child in a brutal car accident. This caused a seemingly unrecoverable trauma to your mind, and to make matters worse, you began to experience strange events to the point where you could no longer tell the difference between what is real and what is unreal. Your goal now is to find a way to unravel these events in a new city and, who knows, try to overcome your trauma.

Paranecro features a simple aesthetic. There is an interesting difference from the setting to the character. Here we see that the scenarios are much more constructed, with a certain degree of realism, the same cannot be said about the protagonist's design, which is even quite simple. As for the gameplay, Paranecro, most of the time, presents a more simulative behavior than FPS. In addition, management has a great focus here, ranging from building items to solving puzzles, in the best Resident Evil style, which, by the way, seems to be an inspiration for this game here.

Check out the Paranecro gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the Paranecro game demo on the Steam page. Take the opportunity to put the game on your wish list, if you want. The respective links are available below.

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