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PARASITE IN LOVE: Someone is in love with you. But it's a brain-eating parasite.

Parasite In Love is a horror visual novel made for Spooketober Visual Novel Jam where you play as Marlowe, a young person who decides to bathe in a river and after that starts to hallucinate after reports of several infections by a brain-eating amoeba.

The game has good illustrations, a story that starts slowly but then picks up and several possible endings depending on your choices in a horror environment that exists but is more inclined towards platonic romance. Even so, the idea of ​​a brain-eating parasite materializing in the real world can be agonizing for some players.

Check out the Parasite In Love gameplay (Ending 1)

Check out the Parasite In Love gameplay (Ending 2)

Download Parasite In Love Visual Novel Horror Game


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