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PAYBACK TIME: Face the Fallucinations of Your Past in this Psychological Horror Game

Payback Time is a short indie first-person psychological horror adventure game, which was produced by Chong Guang Games and published on February 25th of this year. In the game, you are Ziren Wen, a professor who has studied a type of virus responsible for an apparent global crisis for a few years. This exhausting task caused Ziren some problems, such as amnesia, insomnia, and hallucinations. To escape these pressures, he moved to Chongze Town, a quiet town, but one night, the town's power was cut off, leaving it in a total blackout. And this worries the professor, as he must find a way to overcome the hallucinations that come to him.

The game itself is quite simple: you explore your entire apartment while the hallucinations gradually appear. There's not much to be done here in terms of gameplay, as the only thing you can do is interact with doors and some informational pamphlets containing some information or thoughts from the protagonist, which leads us to believe that this game is purely narrative. It would be interesting if there was a greater development of the game, bringing more elements that contributed to the player's interaction and even deepening the story, since there are some questions to be asked about it. The game features multiple endings and they happen according to the decisions made by the player.

Check out Payback Time's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game on the platform, just click on the respective links below.


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