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PERISHED TRUTH: Find Survivors and Escape this Nightmare in this Game Inspired by Resident Evil

Perished Truth is an indie survival horror and puzzle game that is being produced by lixmxil and is currently in development stage, however a demo version of the game was published on February 1st of this year, on the platform. The game puts you in control of the character known as 03, a hacker who wakes up in an abandoned facility, only to discover that he has been kidnapped by an unknown person, who only presents himself through mannequins with TV heads. Things get worse when he discovers that not only he but nine other people are in the same situation as him, but the place is also full of mutants originated from a virus known as Kiga. It's up to you to find a way to do whatever it takes to survive this deadly nightmare.

Right away, we see that the game has a huge influence on Capcom's famous survival horror franchise: the Resident Evil series, more precisely on the first four titles of the franchise, that is, if you like tank-style gameplay, with a fixed camera in some moments, inventory and resource management, this game is for you. You will find it all here. The other aspect present in the game is the visual novel style added to the puzzle, also showing that Perished Truth was inspired by the Zero Escape series, produced by Spike Chunsoft. The graphics are well produced, which shows an excellent level of care on the part of the developer. If it's to show a negative point, I'd say the options would be that point. Sometimes, there are parts that, depending on the computer you use, it would be necessary to reduce the video resolution, adjust the quality, among other things, but in this demo we see that this has not yet been fully worked out, since although we access these options, unfortunately we have no way to change.

Despite these small defects (which will soon be corrected), Perished Truth has great potential, since in addition to bringing a nostalgic charge to PSX-era survival horror fans, it features features inspired by new games, which work in harmony with the narrative present here. Undoubtedly it is a game to keep in anticipation for a full version. While it doesn't come out, check out the gameplay of the demo and, if you're interested, play it, just click on the respective links below.


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